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    • Conversion of methanol to aromatics over ZSM-5/11 intergrowth Zeolites and bimetallic Zn-Cu-ZSM-5/11 and Ga-Ag-ZSM-5/11 catalysts prepared with direct synthesis method


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      Catalytic conversion of methanol to gasoline range hydrocarbons, especially aromatics was carried out in a fixed bed reactor over nano-crystal composite H-ZSM-5/11 zeolite synthesized by hydrothermal method. The metals of Zn, Cu, Ga and Ag as bimetallic Zn-Cu and Ga-Ag with different concentrations (3: 2, 5: 3) and (1:1, 3:2) respectively were selected for loading into the prepared zeolitecatalysts. Direct synthesis method was used for incorporating metals. Prepared zeolites were characterized by XRD, SEM, TEM, N2 adsorption-desorption, ICP-OES, NH3-TPD and FT-IR. After incorporation of metal species into the zeolites framework, the particles crystalline size was reduced, the intercrystalline porositywas increased, causing the formation of new moderate acid sites. The catalytic results illustrated that the incorporation of metal species enhanced the activity and catalyst stability in MTA reaction. BTX yield in ZSM-5/11 reached up at 23.5% to 30.4% and 25.88% with Zn-Cu-ZSM-5/11(1) and Ga-Ag-ZSM-5/11(1), respectively whereas heavier aromatics production reduced. Also, the comparison of catalysts with different metals content showed that due to improvement in structure and properties, low metal content zeolites havebetter performance in converting methanol to aromatics

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