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    • Aspects of tautomerism. Part 16. Influence of the y-keto function on the reactions of sulphonic acids

      M S Shashidhar M V Bhatt

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      Reaction of sodium 2-formylbenzenesulphonate (1) with thionyl chloride or phosphorous pentachloride gives a mixture of pseudo (2) and normal (3) sulphonyl chlorides. Whereas ammonium 2-carboxybenzenesulphonate (6) gives only the normal sulphonyl chloride (7) on reaction with thionyl chloride, a mixture of normal (7) and pseudo (8) isomers are formed on reaction with phosphorous pentachloride. Sodium 2-benzoylbenzenesulphonate (15), on the other hand, gives the corresponding normal sulphonyl chloride (16) on reaction with both of the reagents mentioned above. Based on these observations it is concluded that γ-keto sulphonic acids are amenable to the influence of γ-carbonyl group as in the case of γ-keto carboxylic acids but to a lesser extent.

    • Synthesis and applications of phosphatidylinositols and their analogues

      M S Shashidhar

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      There is an upsurge of interest in the chemistry and biochemistry of phosphoinotides, their analogues and the related enzymes due to their involvement in the inositol phosphates mediated cellular signal transduction pathways. The present review deals with the recent developments in the synthesis and applications of phosphatidylinositol and its derivatives.

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