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    • Spectral and electrochemical properties of deformed short-chain basket-handle iron (III) porphyrins

      M Ravikanth Damodar Reddy T K Chandrashekar

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      The spectral and electrochemical properties of series of deformed iron(III) derivatives of short-chain basket-handle porphyrins are reported. 1HNMR and optical studies demonstrated that deformation arises because of the bridging of opposite phenyl groups by short chains. Axial ligation studies indicate that the straps present over both sides of the porphyrin ring do not prevent the entry of small ligands. Electrochemistry in four different solvents suggests the stabilisation of Fe(II) and Fe(I) over Fe(III) in strong coordinating solvents.

    • Synthesis and photophysical study of unsymmetrical porphyrin arrays

      M Ravikanth

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    • Re(I) bridged porphyrin dyads, triads and tetrads

      M Yedukondalu M Ravikanth

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      Porphyrin rings containing two meso-pyridyl groups either in cis or trans fashion can be used to construct Re(I) bridged multiporphyrin assemblies. The cis-dipyridyl porphyrins with various porphyrin cores such as N4, N3O, N3S, N2S2 have been used to react with Re(CO)5Cl in THF at refluxing temperature and constructed planar Re(I) bridged porphyrin dyads containing either one type of porphyrin subunit or two types of porphyrin subunits. The trans-dipyridyl porphyrins have been used to construct Re(I) bridged porphyrin squares. The porphyrin dyads have been explored for singlet-singlet energy transfer studies and porphyrin squares have been used for catalysis, chemical sensing, molecular sieving and photocurrent production studies. An overview of synthesis of Re(I) bridged porphyrin dyads, triads and tetrads and their interesting photophysical properties are highlighted in this paper.

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