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    • Liquid-liquid extraction of copper (II) with dialkyl sulphoxides

      M L P Reddy

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      The extraction behaviour of Cu(II) from hydrochloric acid and lithium chloride solutions with di-n-pentyl sulphoxide (DPSO) and di-n-octyl sulphoxide (DOSO) has been investigated over a wide range of conditions. At a given strength of the extradant, the extraction increases with increase in HCl and LiCl concentrations. The extraction of the metal also increases with increase in extractant concentration at constant [HCl] or [LiCl]. The species extracted would appear to be CuCl2·2DPSO/2DOSO and CuCl42−·2DPSO. The extraction of the metal decreases with increase in initial aqueous metal concentration and also with increase in temperature. The extraction also depends on the nature of the diluent employed.

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