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    • Second derivative analysis of S=O stretching band in Raman spectra of dimethyl sulphoxide in carbon tetrachloride and water

      M I S Sastry Surjit Singh

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      Raman spectra of solutions ofdmso (dimethyl sulphoxide) are studied in the S=O stretching region by second derivative analysis. Broad bands observed in the normal Raman spectra show well resolved components in the derivative plots. On the basis of the various components obtained in these plots for solutions ofdmso in carbon tetrachloride and water, existence of equilibria between various associated species, involving dipolar and hydrogen bonding interactions, is suggested. It is concluded that solutions ofdmso in CCl4 may have monomers, cyclic and linear dimers and polymers, whereas its aqueous solutions show the existence of 1:1 and 1:2 hydrogen bonded complexes of water withdmso in addition to smaller concentrations of monomers, dimers and polymers.

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