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    • Ultrasound-assisted dealumination of zeolite Y

      M Hosseini M A Zanjanchi B Ghalami-Choobar H Golmojdeh

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      We demonstrate a new procedure for dealumination of zeolite Y. The method employs a 28 KHz ultrasound bath and an ethanolic acetylacetone solution. Acetylacetone was used as chelating agent and ultrasound irradiation was used as extraction intensifier. Four types of samples, as-synthesized, ammoniumexchanged, acidic and neutralized zeolite were used for dealumination. Parts of the framework aluminumatoms are removed from their sites in the structure of zeolite Y upon the use of either acetylacetone on its own or simultaneous use of acetylacetone and ultrasound waves. Higher dealumination was observed for those samples subjected to both ultrasound irradiation and acetylacetone extraction.

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