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    • Studies on the thermal decomposition kinetics of LiPF6 and LiBC4O8

      Li Shi-You Ma Pei-Hua Cui Xiao-Ling Ren Qi-Du Li Fa-Qiang

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      Thermal decomposition of LiPF6 and LiBC4O8 (lithium bis(oxalate)borate, abbreviated as LiBOB) were studied using TG (thermogravimetry)-DTG (derivative thermogravimetry) method with different heating rate 𝛽 of 5, 10, 20 and 40°C min-1 or at different constant temperature $\theta_C$ (109.80, 118.79, 148.41, $176.86^\circ$C for LiPF6 and 278.51, 298.13, 317.65, 336.13 for LiBOB). From the nonisothermal kinetics we calculate that $n_{\text{LiPF6}}$ is 1.01, $n_{\text{LiBOB}}$ is 1.04, $E_{\text{LiPF6}}$ is 91907.61 J/mol, and $E_{\text{LiBOB}}$ is 205179.88 J/mol; from the isothermal kinetics we calculate that n for both LiPF6 and LiBOB are 1, $E_{\text{LiPF6}}$ is 91907.61 J/mol, $E_{\text{LiBOB}}$ is 205179.88 J/mol, lnALiPF6 is 16.89 s-1, and lnALiBOB is 31.96 s-1. The results obtained from the two ways have minor differences and can validate each other.

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