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    • Photoelectrochemistry of ZnO thin film electrode sensitized by an oxouranium (VI) complex in an acetonitrile photocell

      Lal Bahadur J P Pandey Tata N Rao

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      The photosensitizing ability of tetraethylammoniumbis-(isomaleonitrilo) dioxouranate(VI), (Et4N)2[UO2(i-MNT)2], studied at then-ZnO/acetonitrile interface, is shown by the enhancement observed in photocurrent with (Et4N)2[UO2(i-MNT)2] in comparison to that obtained without the sensitizer. The flat-band potential is −0·40V vs SSCE. (Et4N)2[UO2(i-MNT)2] acts as an acceptor-type sensitizer as concluded from the energy-level diagram constructed using its redox potential coupled with its excitation energy and the flat-band potential of ZnO electrode. Long-term stability of the photocurrent under continuous illumination of the electrode is also studied.

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