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    • Self-assembly of azobenzene based side-chain liquid crystalline polymer and 𝑛-alkyloxybenzoic acids

      Kumarasamy Gayathri Subramanian Balamurugan Palaninathan Kannan

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      Liquid crystalline pendant polymeric complexes have been obtained by supramolecular assembly of two mesogenic components namely, poly[4-(10-acryloyloxydecyloxy)-4'- phenylazobenzonitrile] (P10) and 4-alkyloxybenzoic acids (A7-A12). Hydrogen bond formed between carboxylic acid and cyano moiety served as molecular bridge. The polymeric complexes acquitted as undivided liquid crystalline properties exhibited stable and enantiotropic mesophases. The precursor, monomer and polymer were analysed by 1H-NMR and 13C-NMR spectroscopy. The hydrogen bonding interaction in polymer complexes (P10-A7 to P10-A12) was investigated by FT-IR spectroscopy. The thermal behaviours and textural analysis were studied by differential scanning calorimetry and polarized optical microscopy respectively.

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