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    • Mechanism of anation of chromium (III) by L-lysine

      Kabir-Ud-Din Ghulam Jilani Khan

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      The kinetics of L-lysine anation of aquachromium(III) ions have been investigated in the acidity range 5.6 ≤ 105[H+] ≤ 31.6 mol dm. The reaction takes place with outer-sphere association between Cr3+/CrOH2+ and H2L+ (L =+HGCH (+NH3)(CO2t-), G being the side chain) followed by transformation of the outer-into an inner-sphere complex by slow interchange. The results are discussed in relation to the data of analogous systems and it is concluded that anation of [Cr(H2O)6]3 + follows anIa path whereas that of [Cr(H2O)5OH]2 + follows anId path.

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