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    • Hydrogen bonded complexes of cyanuric acid with pyridine and guanidinium carbonate

      K Sivashankar

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      Hydrogen bonded complexes of cyanuric acid (CA) with pyridine, [C3N3H3O3:C5H5N], 1, and guanidinium carbonate [C3H2N3][C(NH2)3],2, have been prepared at room temperature and characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. Structure of 1 shows pyridine molecules substituting the inter-tape hydrogen bond in CA by N-H… N and C-H…O hydrogen bonds. The structure reveals CA-pyridine hydrogen-bonded single helices held together by dimeric N-H…O hydrogen bonding between CA molecules. In2, the CA tapes, resembling a sine wave interact with the guanidinium cations through N-H…O and N-H…N hydrogen bonds forming guanidinium cyanurate sheets.

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