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    • Reactions ofη5-cyclopentadienylruthenium(II) complexes withγ-hydroxyacetylenes

      K Mohan Rao U C Agarwala

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      The complexes [CpRuL2Cl] (L=PPh3, AsPh3, SbPh3) react with the phenylacetylene,γ-hydroxyacetylenes HC≡CCR1R2OH (R1=R2=H, Me, and R1=Me, R2=Et; CR1R2OH=1-hydroxycyclohexanol) and NaBF4 in methanol, to yield complexes of the typeη1-vinylidenes [CpL2Ru+(=C=CHR)],η1- allenylidene [CpL2Ru+ (=C=C=CR1R2)], and dimeric allenylidene-vinyl and vinylidene-alkylidene complexes. Theseη1-vinylidene andη1-allenylidene complexes are reversibly deprotonated by sodium borohydride in methanol to yield the correspondingη1-alkynyl complexes [CpL2Ru(C≡CR)].

    • Synthesis of cyano-bridged bimetallic complexes of η5-indenyl ruthenium(II): Characterization and spectroscopic studies

      K Mohan Rao E K Rymmai

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      Reactions of the cyanide complexes of the type [(Ind)Ru(PPh3)2CN] (1), [(Ind)Ru(dppe)CN] (2), [(Cp)Ru(PPh3)2CN] (3), with the corresponding chloro complexes [(Ind)Ru(PPh3)2Cl] (4), [(Ind)Ru(dppe)Cl] (5), [(Cp)Ru(PPh3)2Cl] (6), in the presence of NH4PF6 salt give homometallic cyano-bridged compounds of the type [(Ind)(PPh3)2Ru-CN-Ru(PPh3)2(Cp)]PF6 (7), [(Ind)(PPh3)2Ru-CN-Ru(PPh3)2(Ind)] PF6 where Ind = indenyl, η5-C9H7, (8), [(Cp)(PPh3)2Ru-CN-Ru(dppe)(Ind)]PF6, dppe = (Ph2PCH2CH2PPh2) (9), [(Ind(dppe)Ru-CN-Ru(PPh3)2(Ind)PF6 (10) and [(Ind)(dppe)Ru-CN-Ru(PPh3)2(Cp)]PF6 (11) respectively. Reaction of complex3 with [(p-cymene)RuCl2]2 dimer gave a mixed dimeric complex [(Cp)Ru(PPh3)2-CN-RuCl2(p-cymene)] (12). All these complexes have been characterized by IR,1H,13C and31P NMR spectroscopy and C, H, N analyses.

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