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    • Vanadyl(V) chloride complexes of N-2 (4, 5, 6 monosubstituted pyridyl)-N′-substituted thio ureas

      K P Srivastava I K Jain K L Madhok

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      The complexing ability of vanadyl (V) chloride has been studied with N-2 (4, 5, 6 monosubstituted pyridyl)-N′-substituted thio urea ligands. The VOCl3 has been observed to form the six coordinated, diamagnetic complexes of the type VOCl3·L where L is a bidentate ligand molecule. The ligands are co-ordinated to the vanadium metal through pyridyl nitrogen and thioketo sulphur atoms.

    • Ferric molybdate—A catalyst for the oxidation of toluene

      K L Madhok K P Srivastava

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      Production of benzaldehyde has been carried out by vapour phase oxidation of toluene over silica supported ferric molybdate catalyst, at different support/ catalyst ratio. The temperature, concentration of the catalyst and space-velocities were varied over a wide range with each catalyst. The best results were obtained with ferric molybdate (60%) supported on SiO2 at a temperature of 450°C, space velocity 10373±20 litre hour−1 litre−1, air/toluene ratio 610 and volume of the catalyst 20 cc. The yield of benzaldehyde on the basis of toluene reacted is 70·2% per pass, total conversion 34·9% and conversion to benzaldehyde is 24·5%, surface area and pore size structure of the catalyst was determined by gravimetric method using quartz fibre spring technique.

    • Synthesis and structural studies on Ni(II) chloride complexes of N,N′-(substituted) formamidino-N′-(substituted) carbamides and thiocarbamides

      K L Madhok

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      Nicke(II) chloride reacts with N,N′-diarylformamidino-N′-arylcarbamides thiocarbamides and N-benzoylformamidino-N′-arylcarbamides, thiocarbamides forming complexes of the general formula [Ni (Ar.NH.C (NH) NH.C.X. NH.R)2] Cl2 (R=phenyl, orthotolyl and paratolyl; Ar=benzoyl; X=S,O) and [Ni (R.NH.C.X.NH.C (N.Ph.).NH.Ph.)2] Cl2 (R=phenyl, orthotolyl, paratolyl; Ph=phenyl; X=S, O). The ligands when oxidized with iodine undergo ring closure to related 3,5-diarylamino 1,2,4-thiadiazolidines and 3,5-diarylamino-1,2,4-diazolidines, while the complexes are not susceptible to oxidation. This confirms the binding in complexes is through sulphur and oxygen of the ligands.

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