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    • Synthesis and structural investigation of some mixed-ligand selenito complexes of cobalt(II)

      P Chourasia K K Suryesh A P Mishra

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      Two complexes, [Co(An)2(O2SeO)] and [Co(Iso)2(H2O)2(O2SeO)], have been isolated and characterised by elemental analyses, IR spectra, magnetic measurements and thermogravimetric analysis. Their lattice constants have been determined with the help of X-ray powder diffraction data. Kinetic parameters like energy and entropy of activation for the thermal degradation process have been arrived at using Piloyan-Novikova, Coats-Redfern and Horowitz-Metzger equations. The mechanism of non-isothermal decomposition of complexes is by phase boundary nucleation. The probable structure for Co(II) complexes is six-coordinated octahedral in a high-spin electron configuration. The order of the thermal stability of complexes is [Co(An)2(O2SeO)]>[Co(Iso)2(H2O)2(O2SeO)].

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