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    • Different carboxylic acid homodimers in self-assemblies of adducts of 3-carboxyphenoxyacetic acid with nitrogen containing compounds


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      Different hydrogen bonded dimeric motifs of 3-carboxyphenoxyacetic acid (H2cpa) observed inthe self-assemblies of salts or cocrystals of H2cpa with nitrogen containing compounds are discussed. Pyridiniumsalt of the H2cpa is a self-assembly of Hcpa with the pyridinium cation. The assembly is a combinationof sub-assemblies of two Hcp anions with two pyridinium cations, in which the Hcpa cations are interconnectedthrough carboxylate-carboxylic acid interactions. The cocrystals of H2cpa with isoquinoline or isonicotinamideare self-assemblies of hydrogen bonded dimers of H2cpa holding the respective guest molecule.However, the dimeric assemblies of H2cpa in these two cases are different from each other; the former cocrystalhas carbony-hydroxyl type interactions in it whereas the latter cocrystal has unconventional dimeric subassembliesof H2cpa with hydroxyl-hydroxyl type hydrogen bond interactions. The cocrystal of H2cpa withtheophylline has sub-assemblies of two H2cpa molecules interacting with two theophylline guest molecules,where the theophylline molecules are hydrogen bonded in two different ways.

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