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    • Triphenylamine corrole dyads: Synthesis, characterization and substitution effect on photophysical properties


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      We present our results on the effect of substitution on the photophysical properties of donoracceptor (D-A) systems in which triphenylamine is the donor and substituted corroles i.e., 5,15-phenyl-10- triphenylaminecorrole TPACor 1, 5,15-di(3,5-ditertbutylphenyl)-10-triphenylaminecorrole TPACor 2, and5,15-(4-nitrophenyl)-10-triphenylaminecorrole TPACor 3 is the acceptor. All three dyads have been characterized by elemental analysis, MALDI-MS, cyclic voltammetry, UV-Vis and fluorescence (steady state and timeresolved)spectroscopies. Both Soret and Q bands of TPACor 3 are red-shifted when compared to other two dyads due to the presence of electron withdrawing nitro group. Similarly, redox properties of TPACor 3 are altered, when correlated to TPACor 1 and TPACor 2 dyads. However, the fluorescence emission of triphenylamine in all three dyads was quenched significantly (>90%) compared to its monomeric unit. The presence of either electron releasing or electron withdrawing group on corrole moiety has not much effect on the photophysicalproperties. The quenched emission was attributed to intramolecular excitation energy transfer and the photoinduced electron transfer reactions contested in these dyads.

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