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    • Influence of periodic table in designing solid-state metal chalcogenides for thermoelectric energy conversion


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      With the apparent burgeoning energy crisis, alternative sources of energies are in a greater need for a sustainable future. Thermoelectrics which can convert waste heat arising from industries, power plants and automobiles into a usable form, electricity; have the potential to be a game-changer in this critical energyshortage. The efficiency of thermoelectric materials which is given by the figure of merit is tricky to manipulate due to the complicated interrelationships of its parameters. But with proper understanding of a material and with the aid of periodic table, one can manoeuvre the shortcomings which hinder its efficiency.In this perspective, we discuss how the properties of materials can be manipulated just by understanding the elements of the periodic table and how each element in their respective position in the periodic table influencesthe outcome of high performing thermoelectric material.

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