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    • Density of states of fractons on percolating networks

      T Nakayama K Yakubo

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      We have performed computer experiments on the dynamics of three-dimensional percolating networks. The results of the densities of states indicate the theoretically expected relationD(ω) ∼ Ω1/3 for scalar displacements. We also present the results of the density of states of fractons in which the Hamiltonian incorporates both bond-stretching and bond-bending force constants.

    • Superlocalization of fracton wavefunctions excited on percolating networks

      K Yakubo T Nakayama

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      The characteristics of fracton wavefunctions excited on two-dimensional sitepercolating networks are investigated using an array-processing supercomputer. It is found that fracton modes possess a quite unique character; i.e., the core of fracton excitations falls off sharply at their edges. The exponent dϕ, which indicates the strength of the localization of the fracton core, is much larger than unity. It is suggested that one should be careful when calculating the matrix elements relevant to the inelastic light scattering.

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