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    • Copolymers and their polychelates derived from hydroxy benzoic (o- andp-) acids as antifungal and antibacterial agents

      M M Patel R Manavalan K Prabhakaran

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      A series of complexes of salicylic acid-thiourea-trioxane polymer andp-hydroxybenzoic acid-thiourea-trioxane polymer respectively were isolated and characterised by elemental analysis and infrared data. The antimicrobial activity of these complexes against various bacteria and fungi is studied, which indicates that in several cases, the complexes possess fairly highly anti-microbial activity. A probable mechanism for the toxic action of these complexes against various organisms is discussed. ir spectra of complexes are also discussed.

    • Interaction of CO with Cu5OZr50 metallic glass surface

      K Prabhakaran

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      The adsorption of CO has been studied on the surface of a Cu50Zr50 metallic glass using X-ray and ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopic techniques. CO dissociates on both these surfaces leading to the formation of graphitic and carbidic carbon species on the surface. However a reversal in intensity of the two species is observed on the metallic glass surface compared to that on the Zr metal surface. While Zr gets oxidised due to the oxygen produced as a result of the dissociation of CO, Cu remains unoxidised.

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