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    • X-Ray photoelectron spectroscopic investigation of phenosafranine adsorbed onto micro and mesoporous materials

      S Easwaramoorthi K Ananthanarayanan B Sreedhar P Natarajan

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      The phenosafranine adsorbed onto the micro and mesoporous materials prepared by ion exchange method and interaction of the dye with host materials were studied by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy to elucidate the influence of the host matrix on the binding energy of N 1s orbital. Core level N 1s X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy reveals the interaction between the dye and the solid surface through the hydrogen bonding between the hydrogen atoms of primary amino groups in dye molecule and the oxygen atom of surface hydroxyl groups. The strength of the hydrogen bonding depends on the nature of the solid surface. In the dye adsorbed onto the micro and mesoporous materials the interaction between adsorbed phenosafranine and the surfaces of the porous materials are found to modify the optical spectra and the excited state dynamics of the confined phenosafranine molecules. The change in photophysical properties of phenosafranine adsorbed on to the host materials on dehydration at elevated temperatures is attributed to the modification of host surface during dehydration process.

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