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    • Relaxation dynamics in the excited states of a ketocyanine dye probed by femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopy

      Jahur A Mondal Sandeep Verma Hirendra N Ghosh Dipak K Palit

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      Relaxation dynamics of the excited singlet states of 2,5-bis-(N-methyl-N-1,3-propdienylaniline)-cyclopentanone (MPAC), a ketocyanine dye, have been investigated using steady-state absorption and emission as well as femtosecond time-resolved absorption spectroscopic techniques. Following photoexcitation using 400 nm light, the molecule is excited to the S2 state, which is fluorescent in rigid matrices at 77 K. S2 state is nearly non-fluorescent in solution and has a very short lifetime ($0.5 \pm 0.2$ ps). In polar aprotic solvents, the S1 state follows a complex multi-exponential relaxation dynamics consisting of torsional motion of the donor groups, solvent re-organization as well as photoisomerization processes. However, in alcoholic solvents, solvent re-organization via intermolecular hydrogen-bonding interaction is the only relaxation process observed in the S1 state. In trifluoroethanol, a strong hydrogen bonding solvent, conversion of the non-hydrogen-bonded form, which is formed following photoexcitation, to the hydrogen-bonded complex has been clearly evident in the relaxation process of the S1 state.

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