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    • Fluorescence properties of meso-tetrafurylporphyrins

      Iti Gupta M Ravikanth

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      Fluorescence properties of meso-tetrafurylporphyrins with N4, N3S and N2S2 porphyrin cores are studied by both steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence techniques and compared with the corresponding meso-tetraarylporphyrins. The study shows that the replacement of six-membered aryl groups with five-membered furyl groups at meso-positions alter the fluorescence properties considerably, as reflected in the large red shifts and broadening of fluorescence bands with reduction in quantum yields and singlet excited-state lifetimes. However, zinc(II) derivatives of meso-tetrafurylporphyrin and mesotetraarylporphyrin did not show significant differences in their emission properties.

    • Ferrocene and triphenylamine appended boranils


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      Abstract. Boranils containing ferrocene and triphenylamine groups were synthesized and well characterized by IR, 1H,13C,11B and 19F NMR and ESI-MS spectrometry. UV-Vis absorption, steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence techniques were employed to study their photophysical properties. The presence of electron rich substituents caused significant alterations in their absorption and emission spectra. As compared to the parent boranil compound (λabs=342 nm), boranil-triphenylamine and boranil-ferrocene conjugates exhibited red shifted absorption maxima (λabs=384, 375 nm, respectively). The boranil-triphenylamine and boranilferrocene conjugates displayed red shifted emission spectra (λem=524, 489 nm, respectively), as compared to the parent boranil (λem=471 nm). Also, large Stokes shifts (6217 −6958 cm -1) were observed for both theconjugates in solution phase

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