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    • A study of quasi reversible nitro radical anion from β-nitrostyrene at wax-impregnated carbon paste electrode

      Ronald J Mascarenhas Irishi N Namboothiri B S Sherigara Vijayakumar K Reddy

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      A comprehensive study of the electrochemical reduction of Β-nitrostyrene and the corresponding heterocyclic analogue has been carried out in aprotic media using wax-impregnated carbon paste electrodes. Nitrostyrene exhibits quasi-reversible reduction process in aprotic medium at the waximpregnated carbon paste electrodes as compared to other electrodes reported in the literature. The nitroradical anion couple detected in the presence of tetrabutyl ammonium perchlorate is found to be stable only in aprotic media. Though, as reported, the pharmacological activity related to this nitro radical anion and its therapeutic value are related to the stability of the nitro radical anion, the stability itself depends on the electrode system employed. Added benzoic acid is found to bring about a positive shift in cathodic peak potential.

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