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    • Kinetic study of the copper-iodine reaction by electrical resistance measurements

      Indu Bhushan Sharma P S Bassi

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      Kinetics of the reaction between copper and iodine (vapour) have been studied by electrical resistance measurements. A relationship between the change in electrical resistance and thickness of the product film has been formulated. From the data, which follows a parabolic law, values of the specific reaction rate constant have been calculated. The results have been compared with the earlier reported kinetic data of the reaction, measured by the gravimetric method, and are in good agreement.

    • Preparation and study of structural electrical and magnetic properties of La2SrFe2O7 and La2SrMn2O7

      Indu Bhushan Sharma Devinder Singh

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      Ruddlesden-Popper type phases La2SrFe2O7 and La2SrMn2O7 have been prepared by traditional ceramic method and their crystal structure has been determined by powder X-ray diffraction study. The iron compound has a tetragonal unit cell witha=3·916 Å andc=20·463 Å, while the phase containing manganese hasa=3·868 Å andc=20·205 Å in the space groupI4/mmm. La2SrMn2O7 is ferromagnetic in the temperature 77–300 K and exhibits spin state transition above 210K, while La2SrFe2O7 is antiferromagnetic. Both the phases are insulators and electrical conduction in La2SrMn2O7 is a function of transition in magnetic behaviour of the metal ion Mn3+, while insulator behaviour is more pronounced in La2SrFe2O7.

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