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    • Chiral rhodium carboxylates as asymmetric hydrogenation catalysts

      Sumit Bhaduri Hanif Khwaja

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      The comparative catalytic activities of a few chiral rhodium carboxylato complexes in combination with chiral and achiral phosphines are described. In the hydrogenation of α-acetamidocinnamic acid and its methyl ester, differences are observed in turnover numbers and enantioselectivities. Diastereomeric interactions between chiral carboxylato and chiral phosphine moieties resulting in different rates are clearly seen. Arrhenius plots of (+) and (-) DIOP [DIOP = 2,3 isopropylidene 2,3 dihydroxy-1,4bis (diphenylphosphino) butane] with rhodium (-) mandalato complex give markedly different activation energies.

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