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    • Sorption properties of oxides IX: Effect of anions on the sorption of uranium (VI) on hydrous oxides

      H S Mahal B Venkataramani K S Venkateswarlu

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      Effect of anions such as nitrate, chloride, sulphate and carbonate on the sorption of U(VI), from aqueous solutions on hydrous oxides of Ti(IV), Ce(IV) Zr(IV) and Th(IV) has been studied. The sorption of U(VI) is markedly reduced in the presence of anions, like carbonate, whichform strong complexes with UO22+ in solution. The results are explained in terms of a competition for free UO22+ between surface hydroxyl groups and ligands (anions) present in solution. The sorption of U(VI) on these hydrous oxides was also studied from a bicarbonatecarbonate mixture. Sorption was less under conditions when tricarbonate complex of U(VI) was formed, but increased at higher pH values (>9), presumably due to the formation and sorption of hydroxo complexes of U(VI).

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