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    • Naphthyl azomesogens with lateral chloro groups

      A K Prajapati H M Pandya N L Bonde

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      A homologous series of azomesogens, 2″-[4-(4′-n-alkoxybenzoyloxy)-2-chlorophenylazo] naphthalenes, with lateral chloro groups was synthesised. All the homologues synthesized exhibit enantiotropic nematic mesophase. The mesomorphic properties of the present series are compared with other structurally related series to evaluate the effect of lateral chloro group and its position on mesomorphism

    • Azomesogens with methoxyethyl tail: Synthesis and characterization

      A K Prajapati H M Pandya

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      Two new mesogenic homologous series are synthesized from methoxyethyl 4-(4′-hydroxyphenylazo) benzoate. In series I the phenolic -OH group is alkylated, whereas in series II it is esterified with 4-n-alkoxybenzoyl group. In series I, all the nine members synthesized exhibit only enantiotropic smectic A mesophase. In series II, all the twelve homologues exhibit enantiotropic nematic mesophase. Smectic A mesophase appears from then-decyloxy derivative as a enantiotropic phase and persists till the last n-hexadecyloxy member. The mesomorphic properties of both the series are compared with each other and also with the properties of other structurally related series to evaluate the effect of the methoxyethyl tail on mesomorphism.

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