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    • Dynamic distortion of C4N+-skeleton in (CH3)4NC1

      H D Bist Mahendra Pal G S Raghuvanshi V N Sarin

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      The polarization data and concentration dependence of the Raman spectra of aqueous solutions of tetramethyl ammonium chloride in the region 2700–3100 cm-1 are studied. Group theoretically consistent assignments reveal that the C4N+-skeleton acquires a dynamic distortion to C3v symmetry due to outof-phase combinations of the four CH3,-stretching oscillations.

    • Laser Raman spectroscopy and its applications — especially in structural phase transitions

      H D Bist

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      The usefulness of Raman spectroscopy as a powerful non-contact, nondestructive analytical tool has been well-demonstrated. A bird’s eye-view of various techniques used for the study of various types of structural phase transitions is given. A few modern applications of laser Raman spectroscopic studies have been mentioned. Thermal variations near critical transition region in the position, halfwidths, intensities and shapes of few thermo-sensitive bands in a few organic and inorganic salts and complexes have been used to deduce the critical exponents β and the activation energyU for orientational disorder of NCS ions and CH3NH3 type groups.

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