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    • Thermodynamic study of binary mixtures of isomeric butylamines with methanol enthalpy of hydrogen bonded complex

      S D Pradhan H B Mathur

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      Heats of mixing of the binary mixtures ofn-, sec-, iso- andt-butylamines with methanol were determined in the entire concentration range. All the four systems showed a strong exothermic behaviour. The exothermic heats of mixing vary in the ordert-BuNH2 >n-BuNH2 > sec-BuNH2 > iso-BuNH2. The enthalpy of hydrogen bond in the methanol-butylamine complexes was calculated by means of a thermochemical cycle and found to vary in the ordert-BuNH2 >n-BuNH2 > iso-BuNH2 > sec-BuNH2. This order is different than that found for the hydrogen bond due to self-association. The difference has been explained in the light of steric and electromeric effects arising out of the substitution of the methyl groups in the alkyl chain of the butylamine.

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