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    • Modern aspects on tri- and tetranuclear cluster complexes supported by phosphido bridges

      H -J Haupt

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      This report on small cluster complexes with metal-metal bonds in the field of coordination chemistry documents results in the following scientific areas. (1) Systematic synthetic routes via ditransition metal carbonyl derivative of manganese and rhenium (group 7) to functionalizedtriangulo- andtetrahedro-clusters including structural characterization, (2) Dynamic properties of mono- and diauration isomers like M2(μ-AuPR3)(μ-PCyH)(CO)8/M2(μ-H)(μ3-PCy(AuPR3))(CO)8 (isomerization) and M2(μ-AuPR3)24-PCy)(CO)8/M2(μ-AuPR3)(μ3-PCy(AuPR3))(CO)8 (M = Mn, Re; R = organic residue) (rearrangement and valence isomerization) and MM’(μ-H)(μ-PCy2)(μ4-PCy(AuPR3))(CO)6 (M = M’, M ≠ M’) (topomerization) going from one to the other homologue and the kinetic study of isomerization in the framework Re2(AuPCy3)2(μ-PMeN2(μ-C(Bu)O)(CO)6, (3) Correlations of chirality transfer in diastereomerictetrahedro-clusters Re2(M1PR3)2(μ-PCy2)(CO)71-L*) (M1 = coin metals, L* = chiral ligand as (+) or (-) prolinate, for example) from CD data. These selected contributions will be discussed to answer the question “Do small cluster complexes remain as a future challenge in cluster chemistry?”

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