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    • The many ways of making anionic clays

      Michael Rajamathi Grace S Thomas P Vishnu Kamath

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      Together with hydrotalcite-like layered double hydroxides, bivalent and trivalent metal hydroxides and their hydroxy salts are actually anionic clays consisting of positively charged hydroxide layers with anions intercalated in the interlayer region. The anionic clays exhibit anion sorption, anion diffusion and exchange properties together with surface basicity making them materials of importance for many modern applications. In this article, we discuss many different ways of making anionic clays and compare and contrast the rich diversity of this class of materials with the better-known cationic clays.

    • Line broadening in the PXRD patterns of layered hydroxides: The relative effects of crystallite size and structural disorder

      Grace S Thomas P Vishnu Kamath

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      Layered hydroxides crystallize in a hexagonal structure and incorporate a number of different types of structural disorders as an exigency of anisotropic bonding. Structural disorder contributes to the non-uniform broadening of lines in the powder X-ray diffraction pattern. Common among the disorders are stacking faults, which broaden theh0ℓ/0kℓ reflections. Interstratification selectively broadens the 00l reflections and turbostratic disorder broadens the 0kℓ reflections. The line broadening caused by structural disorder has to be discounted before estimates of particle size are made by applying the Scherrer formula.

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