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    • Electrochemical phase formation studies of mercury on glassy carbon

      S Jaya T Prasada Rao G Prabhakara Rao

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      The electrochemical phase formation (ECPF) of mercury in the underpotential (UPD) region was studied using cyclic voltammetry on a glassy carbon substrate. The UPD peak, conspicous by its absence on the fresh glassy carbon electrode in the first cycle, is formed in the second and subsequent cycles reaching a full monolayer coverage over a few cycles. The characterization of the monolayer peak by the theoretical models suggested for linear sweep conditions showed that the UPD of mercury follows progressive nucleation-growth kinetics. The nucleation parameter and nucleation-growth rate constant were calculated.

    • Application of galvanic stripping analysis to trace determination of tin

      S Jaya T Prasada Rao G Prabhakara Rao

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      A simple, rapid and reliable procedure for the determination of tin by galvanic stripping analysis is described. The determination includes (i) preconcentration of tin onto preformed mercury film glassy carbon electrode, and (ii) re-oxidation in open-circuit position by advantageously utilizing the localized galvanic couple formation (in the absence of external electrical field or oxidant in solution). The details of the development of such a procedure and its application to the determination of tin in pure zinc materials are discussed.

    • Cyclic voltammetric studies on gallium film electrodes in alkaline media

      A Varadharaj G Prabhakara Rao

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      Using cyclic voltammetric techniques the electrochemical behaviour of gallium in alkali media has been investigated. Three anodic peaks, one cathodic peak, and a secondary anodic peak—an observation hitherto unreported—are obtained. Detailed analyses of these various stages of oxidation and reduction based on their peak potential and peak current characteristics have revealed the nature of the underlying electrochemical reactions.

    • Characteristics of redox systems on self-assembled monolayer-covered electrodes

      Sheela Berchmans V Yegnaraman G Prabhakara Rao

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      Electrochemical studies on gold electrodes covered with self-assembled monolayers (SAM) of aminoethane thiol (AET), mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT) and octadecyl mercaptan (ODM) have been carried out using cyclic voltammetry. Study of the influence of these monolayers on the double layer capacity of the interfaces involving the Au/SAM electrodes and of the electron transfer kinetics of chosen redox reaction probes, viz., Fe(CN)64−/3−, Fe2+/3+, hydroquinone/quinone(H2 Q/Q) and Cu underpotential deposition, offers a wealth of information that can throw light on the role of SAMs in allowing/moderating/blocking the electron transfer at such interfaces. These details are presented and discussed in the paper.

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