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    • Effect of various mixed aqueous solvents on the stability constants of Cu(II) chelates with piperidine-2-carboxylic acid

      Christine Rebello G Shashikala M G Ram Reddy

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      The ligand dissociation constants and the formation constants of Cu(II) piperidine-2-carboxylic acid chelates have been measured in varying proportions of methanol-water, ethanol-water, acetone-water, isopropanol-water and dioxane-water at 30°C and 0.10 M ionic strength. The results are discussed with reference to the change in the dielectric constant of water in the presence of the organic solvent, change in structure and hydrogen bonding in water, relative solvent basicity and proton solvation by the organic solvent. The relatively greater contribution to the stability of the metal chelate by the O-M link as compared to the N-M link has been suggested on the basis of the observed solvent effects on stabilities.

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