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    • Selective quenching of tryptophanyl fluorescence in bovine serum albumin by the iodide ion

      Meenakshi Maruthamuthu G Selvakumar

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      Modified Stern-Volmer equation is obeyed by bovine serum albumin (BSA)-iodide system showing selective quenching of tryptophanyl fluorescence of BSA. The fraction of accessible protein fluorescence is 0.56 and the effective Stern-Volmer constant is 290 M-1 at pH 7.4 in 0.005 M phosphate buffer at 25°C. Collisional quenching is operative both in the BSA -I−1 system and the model system, tryptophan-I−1. It is supported by the observed relationship between the ratio of quenching rate constants (kq) and diffusion coefficients and alsokq with bulk viscosity.

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