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    • Electrochemical reduction of Cu(II)-EDTA complex at dropping mercury electrode. An impedance approach

      G A Bhat

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      The study of electrochemical reduction of Cu(II)-EDTA system by phase sensitive a.c. impedance method at dropping mercury electrode reveals several interesting features. The complex plane polarograms exhibit loop like shape in contrast to the classical zinc ion reduction where crest like shape is found. Again, the relative placement of peaks of in-phase and quadrature components, and the relative placement of portions before and after the peaks of complex plane polarograms are different from that of zinc ion reduction. The complex plane plots suggest that electrochemical reduction of Cu-EDTA is charge transfer controlled.

    • Synthesis oftrans-N-2-aryl(heteryl)ethenamidines

      K Nagarajan P Rajagopalan B G Advani V Ranga Rao G A Bhat

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      2-Amino-2-arylethylamides1 carrying electron-donating substituents in thepara position are transformed by hot POC13 to the the title compounds2, presumably via iminochlorides 7 and imidazolium derivatives8. Amides lacking this para-substituent give rise to chloroamidines11 under these conditions.m-Methoxyphenethylamide1t and POCl3 form, besides11f, an isoquinoline derivative3. The involvement of an imidazolium compound8 in the formation of ethenamidines has been verified by the synthesis of2a from10. Reaction of amide1w with PCl5 in the cold leads to, besides the chloroamidine11c, thecis-ethenamidine12 which equilibrates with thetrans-isomer2o in hot toluene. Thienylethyl urea13 converted by hot POCl3 to the imidazoline16, while phenylpropylamide17 forms only the iminochloride18a.

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