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    • The study ofcis- andtrans-2 butene using mass spectrometry

      Ezzat T M Selim

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      Using mass spectrometric technique, the effect of geometrical isomerism on the first and higher appearance energy values for C4H3+, C4H7+ and C3H,3+ ions obtained from cis-2-butene andtrans-2-butene is reported. The structure in the ionization efficiency curves (studied for 9 eV above threshold) for the same ions obtained from the two isomers is reported and compared. It is believed that at threshold C4H7+ fragment is formed from the two isomers as methallyl ion. For C3H3+ fragment formed from the cw-isomer at threshold the proposed structure is the propargyl ion with ΔHf equal to 279-4 kcal/mole while for that ion obtained fromtransisomer the proposed structure is the allenyl ion with ΔHf equal to 296.6 kcal/mole.

    • Electron impact study of C6H5+ fragment ion obtained from three molecules

      Ezzat T M Selim A I Helal N F Zahran

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      C6H5+ fragment ion produced from toluene,n-propylbenzene and acetophenone have been studied using an electron impact technique. The ionization efficiency data have been treated by the inverse convolution first differential technique. First and higher appearance energies for ions produced from the three precursors are reported. The heats of formation for the ions obtained at threshold from the three molecules are calculated

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