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    • Complexes of osmium with tertiary arsines and carbonmonoxide

      K G Srinivasamurthy N M Nanje Gowda E G Leelamani G K N Reddy

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      Osmium halides (Cl and Br) react with monotertiary arsines Ph2RAs (R=Me, Et, Pr and Bu) in alcoholic medium to give paramagnetic octahedral complexes of the type OsX3L3 (X=Cl, Br; L=Ph2RAs) which further react with carbonmonoxide to give dihalo dicarbonyl complexes of osmium(II) of the type OsX2 (CO)2 L2. Similarly, osmium halides react with tertiary arsines in the presence of formaldehyde to give monocarbonyl complexes of osmium(II) of the type OsX2 (CO)L3. Structures have been assigned to all these compounds on the basis of IR and NMR studies.

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