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    • Crystal structure ofbisglycine hydrobromide — A reinvestigation

      S Natarajan E Zangrando

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      A reinvestigation of the crystal structure ofbisglycine hydrobromide was carried out. The structure is orthorhombic, space groupP212121, witha = 5.385(1),b = 8.199(2),c = 18.402(3) Å andZ = 4. Three-dimensional X-ray intensity data were collected on a CAD 4 diffractometer using MoKα radiation for the structure elucidation and refinement. The finalR value is 0.019 for 1020 reflections. The structural parameters obtained are more accurate than those reported earlier. All the hydrogen atoms have been located in the present study. The glycine molecules are held together by a network of N-H … Br, N-H … O and O-H … O hydrogen bonds. One of the glycine molecules exists as a zwitterion whereas the other is in the cationic form.

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