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    • Quantum yield of Cl* (2P1/2) production in the gas phase photolysis of CCl4 in the ultraviolet

      Manish Tak Manabendra Chandra Dulal Senapati Puspendu K Das

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      In this paper, we have probed the dynamics of chlorine atom production from the gas phase photodissociation of carbon tetrachloride at 222 and 235 nm. The quantum yield, φ* of Cl* (2P1/2) production has been determined by probing the nascent concentrations of both excited (2P1/2) and ground state (2P3/2) chlorine atoms by suitable resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization (REMPI) detection schemes. Although at the photolysis wavelengths the absorption of carbon tetrachloride is weak, significant amounts of Cl* are produced. Surprisingly, the quantum yield of Cl* production does not follow the absorption spectrum closely, which gives rise to the possibility of an indirect dissociation mechanism present in CCl4 along with direct dissociation at these ultraviolet wavelengths

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