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    • A water soluble heteropolyoxotungstate as a selective, efficient and environment friendly oxidation catalyst

      Prasenjit Maity Double Mukesh Sumit Bhaduri Goutam Kumar Lahiri

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      A series of water soluble Keggin type heteropolyoxotungstates have been tested as oxidation catalysts in aqueous-biphasic media with dilute H2O2 (30%) as the oxygen atom donor, without using any phase transfer agent. The Zn substituted polyoxoanion {(NH4)7Zn0.5[𝛼-ZnO4W11O30ZnO5(OH2)]$.n$H2O} has been found to be the most efficient catalyst, which oxidizes a wide range of organic functionalities with good turnovers and high selectivities. The functionalities that undergo oxidations are: organic sulfides, pyridines, anilines, benzyl alcohols and benzyl halides. The oxidations of sulfides to sulfoxides and/or sulfones have been studied in detail, and a simple kinetic model consisting of two consecutive reactions, is shown to give good fit with the experimental data. In the catalytic system described here product isolation is easy, and the aqueous catalyst solution can be re-used several times with little loss in its efficiency.

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