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    • Polyimido sulphur anions S(NR)nm−: Free radicals and coordination behaviour

      Dietmar Stalke

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      In a reaction sequence of amide addition followed by halogen oxidation the triazasulphite S(NR)32− and the tetrazasulphate S(NR)42− are readily accessible from sulphur diimide S(NR)2 via sulphur triimide S(NR)3. Addition of lithium organics to sulphur triimide provides a general route to triazasulphonates RS(NR)32−. All these anions resemble potential tripodal coordination behaviour because of their nitrogen donor centres. Furthermore, the sulphur polyimido ligands are capable of responding to the various requirements of different metals (even in mixed metal species) by charge (de)localization. This paper deals with the synthetic routes of the sulphur nitrogen anions and their coordination behaviour. Their reactivity, mainly towards main group metal synthons, is also discussed.

    • Phenalenyl-based ligand for transition metal chemistry: Application in Henry reaction

      Arup Mukherjee Tamal K Sen Swadhin K Mandal Daniel Kratzert Dietmar Stalke Alexander Döring Carola Schulzke

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      We report the synthesis and characterization of the first transition metal complex of a phenalenylbased ligand. The reaction of Cu(OAc)2.H2O with 9-𝑁-methylamino-1-𝑁'$-methylimino-phenalene (LH) in 1:1 stoichiometric ratio results in the formation of a mononuclear copper complex [LCu(OAc)] (1). The molecular structure of 1 was established by X-ray crystallography. The electrochemistry of 1 indicates the formation of an anionic radical by one electron reduction into the non-bonding molecular orbital of the phenalenyl system. The complex 1 efficiently catalyses the C-C bond forming Henry reaction.

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