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    • Spectroscopy and dynamics of jet-cooled aromatic amines, self and solvated complexes

      David Phillips Rachel Howell Alan G Taylor

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      Spectroscopic studies in nozzle expansions were carried out on dimethylamino-benzonitrile (DMABN), dimethyl amino methyl benzoate, dimethylamino ethyl benzoate, carbazole, N-ethyl carbazole, (4-cyano N-phenyl) carbazole; the complexes between DMABN and a variety of solvents; the complexes between 4ABN and polar and non-polar solvents; and the complex between carbazole and benzonitrile. All compounds were chosen because in polar solution, they exhibit anomalos fluorescence, characterised by being broad, and red-shifted, attributed to a Twisted Intramolecular Charge-Transfer (TICT) state. In the supersonic jet, red-shifted emission was frequently observed, but in no case could it be attributed unequivocally to TICT state emission. Alternatives are dimers, excimers, or self-complexes which could cluster solvents.

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