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    • Electrochemical study of two structurally related compounds FeVMoO7 and CrVMoO7 synthesized by sol–gel method


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      FeVMoO7 and CrVMoO7 phases were synthesized by sol–gel method for the first time and used as promising cathode materials for Lithium ion batteries. Effortless and flexible procedure for the preparation of FeVMoO7 and CrVMoO7 via a facile sol–gel method was developed. The structure, morphology and the electrochemical properties have been studied by X-ray diffraction (XRD),scanning electronic microscope (SEM) and galvanostatic charge-discharge test measurements. Study of these compounds as electrode materials was motivated by the three-dimensional structure and the redox couples of Fe, V and Mo. The first cycle discharge capacity values for FeVMoO7 and CrVMoO7 phases were 284 mAhg-1 and 264 mAhg-1, respectively, in the voltage range of 3.2–1.5V. The discharge capacity of FeVMoO7 was 160 mAhg-1 after 20 cycles

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