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    • Vibrational and electronic absorption spectra of 4-chloro 2-methyl, 4-chloro 3-methyl and 6-chloro 3-methyl phenols

      R B Singh D K Rai

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      The infrared spectra of 4-Cl 2-Me, 4-Cl 3-Me and 6-Cl 3-Me phenols have been recorded. The vibrational spectrum has been analysed assuming that the molecules belong toCs point group and a tentative assignment of the observed frequencies to various modes of vibration has been proposed. The near ultraviolet absorption spectrum of these compounds has also been recorded. Assuming the transition to be electronically allowed the strongest band on the longer wavelength side has been assigned as the (0, 0) band in each case. The spectrum has been analysed in terms of several excited state frequencies which have been correlated with the ground state frequencies observed in the infrared spectrum.

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