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    • Characterization of Ag/Ag2SO4 system as reference electrode for in-situ electrochemical studies of advanced aqueous supercapacitors'


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      Silver metal covered by Ag2SO4 was investigated as a reference electrode for flat three-electrodecells. The potential stability of the Ag/Ag2SO4 electrode in neutral aqueous solutions utilized as electrolytesfor asymmetric high-voltage supercapacitors is reported. It was found that the potential drift and temperature coefficient of this reference electrode are insignificant. Its use as an alternative to the Ag/AgCl electrode enablesone to avoid the contamination of the supporting electrolyte solution by Cl- anions, which are oxidized earlierthan water molecules and other oxygen-containing anions SO2-4 or NO-3. Using the data obtained from threeelectrodeelectrochemical measurements with the electrode in question, a graphene–carbon nanotube/ MnO2 supercapacitor cell accumulating 9.8 Wh kg-1 of specific energy at 1.75 V was built.

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