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    • The crystal structure of 5α-cyano-3-keto-10-methyl-octahydronaphthalene

      Puttaraja D S Sake Gowda

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      5α-cyano-3-keto-10-methyl-octahydronaphthalene, C12H17NO, crystallizes in monoclinic space group P21·c witha = 7.28(2),b = 7.48(2),c = 19.29(5)Å, β= 88.0(2)∘ and has four molecules per unit cell. The structure was solved by direct methods and refined to anR-value of 11.4% by block diagonal least-squares method for 565 observed reflections recorded by film method. The cyano group iscis to methyl group at C(10) and the fused rings have a chair conformation. The carbonitrile fragment is almost linear, the angle C-C= N being 175.6(3.0)∘.

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