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    • Electron impact ionization of amines using crossed electron-molecular beams

      S V Krishna Kumar D Mathur

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      Ionization energy functions of triethyl amine, tri-n-propyl amine, N,N-dimethyl-benzenamine and N,N-diethyl-benzenamine, and appearance energy functions of major products of dissociative ionization have been measured using a high sensitivity crossed electron beam-molecular beam apparatus incorporating a quadrupole mass spectrometer and an on-line laboratory computer. The data obtained is useful in understanding the role of dopants in gas laser plasmas.

    • Probing interatomic potentials by ion translational energy spectrometry: A new crossed molecular beams apparatus

      D Mathur F A Rajgara Vidhya Krishnamurthi

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      This report presents details of the development of a new crossed molecular beams apparatus designed and fabricated to carry out high sensitivity ion translational energy spectrometric investigations of the potential energy surfaces of small molecular species. The translational energy spectrometer is used to carry out experimental studies of ion-neutral reactions resulting in charge stripping of CS+ radicals and dissociation of metastable CO2+ dications. These results are interpreted in the light of high-levelab initia molecular orbital calculations of the pertinent molecular potential energy functions. New results for the double ionisation energy of CS and the kinetic energy released upon dissociation of specific electronic states of CO2+ are presented.

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