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    • Reactions of silylated Schiff bases with organotitanium(IV) and organotin(IV) chlorides

      K Dey S Ray D Koner

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      The interactions of silylated dibasic quadridentate Schiff bases derived fromo-hydroxyacetophenone and ethylenediamine and orthophenylenediamine with (π-C5H5)TiCl3, (π-C5H5)(MeO)TiCl2, (MeO)2TiCl2, Me2SnCl2 and MeSnCl3 yield a new series of organotitanium(IV) and tin(IV) compounds. The reactivity of (π- C5H5)Ti(L1)Cl and MeSn(L1)Cl, towards MeSH, Me2NSiMe3, SiMe3N3 and Me3SiC = CPh are also described. The structures for the compounds isolated are proposed on the basis of elemental analyses, molecular weights, IR and1H nmr spectroscopic studies.

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