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    • Redox reactions of 2-hydroxy pyridine: A pulse radiolysis study

      D B Naik P N Moorthy

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      Rate constants for reactions of 2-pyridinol with one electron reductants, such aseaq and H atoms and one-electron oxidants, viz. OH, N3, Br2, C12 and O have been determined at different pH values using the pulse radiolysis technique. From the corrected absorption spectra of the product transient species, the extinction coefficients of these species at their respective absorption maxima have been determined. The kinetics of decay of these transients have been investigated. ThepKa values of transients formed byeaq and OH radical reactions have been estimated to be 7.6 and 3.5 respectively. Rate constants for electron transfer from semireduced 2-pyridinol to different electron acceptors have been determined.

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