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    • A chiral Mn(IV) complex and its supramolecular assembly: Synthesis, characterization and properties

      Chullikkattil P Pradeep Panthapally S Zacharias Samar K Das

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      The open air reaction of the chiral Schiff base ligand H2L, prepared by the condensation of L-phenylalaninol and 5-bromosalicylaldehyde, with MnII(CH3COO)2.4H2O yielded dark brown complex [MnIV L2]·0·5 DMF (1). Compound 1 was characterized by elemental analysis, IR, UV-visible, CD and EPR spectroscopy, cyclic voltammetry and room temperature magnetic moment determination. Single-crystal X-ray analysis revealed that compound 1 crystallises in the monoclinicP21 space group with six mononuclear [MnIV L2] units in the asymmetric unit along with three solvent DMF molecules. In the crystal structure, each Mn(IV) complex, acting as the building unit, undergoes supramolecular linking through C-H...0 bonds leading to an intricate hydrogen bonding network.

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